Research Cluster

Starting on 10 February the Human Rights Research Cluster will kick off in which you can come present your own research on any project or topic you are currently working on to get feedback from colleagues (professors, researchers and PhD students). Topics discussed during the meeting can include everything from interesting ideas you wish to brainstorm with others to formally presenting a piece of your own work that you want feedback on. Participation in these meetings is completely voluntary and purely has the aim of stimulating academic discussion.

The meetings will take place around lunch time from 12-13:30 alternating between Wednesdays and Fridays every two weeks and will be online (for now). Should the opportunity arise for in person meetings, the events will take place hybrid.

If you wish to present during one of the sessions, please write an email to with your desired available date (not in red) from the table below. Should you wish to follow the events but not neccesarily present please feel free to fill out the form to be added to the mailing list. Event details and calendar invites will be sent respectively.

Looking forward to engaging discussions with you all! I hope you can circulate this message in your chairs.