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Funded by Elite Network of Bavaria the International Doctorate Programme „Business and Human Rights: Governance Challenges in a Complex World“ (IDP B&HR_Governance) establishes an inter- and transdisciplinary research forum for excellent doctoral projects addressing practically relevant problems and theoretically grounded questions in the field of business and human rights. Research in the IDP B&HR_Governance will focus on four distinct areas:

  • Global value chains and transnational economic governance
  • Migration and changing labour relations
  • Digital transformation
  • Environmental sustainability

The IDP’s research profile builds on law and management as the core disciplines of B&HR complemented by sociology, political, and information sciences. Close cooperation with partners from businesses, civil society, and political actors will enable the doctoral researchers to develop their projects in a broader context to ensure practical relevance. The IDP’s curriculum, lasting for eight semesters, aims at contributing to the professional development of independent and critical researchers through a variety of courses, research retreats, colloquia, and conferences as well as the possibility of practical projects.

The IDP involves law, management, sociology, political sciences and information systems. It will offer a comprehensive and innovative curriculum for the doctoral researchers. Its activities will commence on 1 November 2021.

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The International Doctorate Programme is funded by Elite Network of Bavaria.

Founded in 2004 by the Free State of Bavaria, the Elite Network of Bavaria supports talented young students and academics from around the world with ideal conditions for re­search and study and affords Ba­var­ian universities the freedom to establish courses that transcend conventional structures.

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