Otgontuya Davanyaam

Raum: Raum 00.281
Wetterkreuz 15
91058 Erlangen

Otgontuya Davaanyam is a lawyer from Mongolia. She holds an LLM in International Human Rights Law from the University of Liverpool and an MA in Global Challenges: Law and Policy from Swansea University in the United Kingdom. She also holds an LLB Degree from the Shihihutug University in Mongolia. She is currently pursuing her PhD studies at the Friedrich Alexander Erlangen-Nuremberg University and her PhD focuses on corporate human rights responsibility under the OECD NCP case law analysis. Otgontuya is a former member of the Mongolian Bar Association and she previously worked as an Attorney for Anderson and Anderson LLP, an international law firm in Mongolia and as a Human Rights Consultant for UNDP Mongolia, Business and Human Rights Project (the Project for developing the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights in cooperation with Mongolian Government). She has extensive internship experience in different human rights organisations, including Fifty Eight, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre and the Business and Human Rights Unit of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Her thesis will examine OECD case law related to corporate human rights responsibilities in order to gain a better understanding of NCP decisions on human rights compliance, including corporate human rights due diligence (HRDD) and access to remedy as outlined in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs). It also examines the role of the NCP in developing the international legal requirements that multinational enterprises must adhere to in respecting human rights in their business operations.