IDP Jour Fixes

On 26 October‘ Jour Fixe the Greenpeace Southeast Asia shared about the Indigenous Awyu’s climate litigation process against the local administrative court, in order to protect their forests in Papua, Indonesia. The session provided opportunities to take account of challenges in implementing business and human rights in the South-South context, highlighting indigenous rights in conflict-affected areas.

Continuing the debate, on 09.11 the Jour Fixe entitled „Business and Human Rights: Challenges, Developments and Trends from the Global South“ was a collaboration of the International Doctorate Program on Business and Human Rights (ID-BHR) doctoral researchers rooting from and representing the Global South regions. The Jour Fixe aimed to offer valuable insight into the evolving landscape of human rights and what constitutes ‚responsible business‘ in the respective regions. The presentations highlighted regions namely the BHR developments in Africa, East & Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America by shedding light on current developments and the common BHR-related issues that hinder the full realization of Human Rights protection.

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